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He said he and his wife had problems in their marriage for years and “could no longer exist in the same house.” Hinn’s wife, Suzanne, filed for divorce in February after the couple had been separated for four years, but it has not been finalized.Hinn aired segments from the Oakland crusade and made additional personal comments on his program on TBN Aug. A ministry executive said the program will air on other networks this week, including on Daystar Friday.Hinn told the crowd in Oakland that the Vatican made him a Patron of the Arts and invited him to visit Rome.He said patrons are asked to find donors to help maintain the Vatican’s art collections, and he wanted White to become a donor.I partnered for years because I am confident my financial support is really making a difference!

Partnering with PWM makes you to be a part of something much bigger than yourself.The only positive that she could take from all turmoil is that she emerged much stronger than before.Evangelist Paula is frank enough to confess that she was a ‘messed up Mississippi girl’ when she was growing up.In order for you to be able to evaluate this issue for yourself, just the other day AM correspondent Chrystal Whitt of Slaughter of the Sheep posted the videos of Hinn’s “defense” of his relationship with pastrix White in Benny Hinn Defends Himself Against National Enquirer.And now Charisma, flagship magazine for the charismatic movement, has today released Benny Hinn Admits ‘Friendship’ With Paula White But Tells TV Audience It’s Over. Gaines informs us that at a “crusade in Oakland, Calif.” Benny Hinn “admitted” to his “having a ‘friendship’ with fellow” Word Faith mogul Paula White “while he’s still married”.

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Life cannot get any better.""I'm above the struggle and beneath the radar. That kind of pressure wears you out."Listing the numerous trials she went through, White said she experienced a midlife meltdown, compassion fatigue, her friend being falsely accused and sent to prison, a stroke, addiction to the prescription medication she was given following her stroke, and problems in her marriage.

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