Nairobi dating clubs

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Nairobi dating clubs

“It makes life much easier when everyone at a social gathering knows that you are positive and doesn’t judge you for it,” said Frank*, a member of the Stacy Care Foundation, which organises events exclusively for people living with HIV. “Since I discovered my status, it has been really hard to go out and make friends, because you are always keeping this big secret,” he said.

Stacy Wakesho, who set up the foundation three years ago, was running a tour business specialising in travel packages for groups of single people when she got a phone call from a young man asking her to arrange an event for HIV-positive people.

“That phone call was a revelation for me – I had never thought about how single people living with HIV socialise or date,” she told IRIN/Plus News.

“When I placed my first ads in the paper six months later, the response was unbelievable.

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Here is how to spot the single Nairobi woman- the one who just can’t land a man even if her life depended on it1.

So yes 8 out of 10 girls I know think that Kenya, Nairobi needs an injection of Men, not males, not boys MEN! They make me see that there can always be worse out there… And if you feel am exaggerating, then show me different The observer He will sit at the bar all night…OBSERVING you. Always, but will never approach you and will not even buy you a drink. He could have been picked straight out of a music video with the stylist forgetting to adjust his accoutrement…He talks to you in an accent that you can’t quite identify…

Men with style, men with charm, men who care about what and how they look, men who compliment, men who respect and most importantly MEN who look good. The next time (that is next week) when you come back to the same lounge, he will still observe you, never makes a move, never talks to you just watches you. (I often tell people that if the ‘old guy’ was even remotely cute then perhaps you could consider listening) – but what’s interesting with the Nairobi Sugar daddy is that sometimes its like he even expects You to be the one to make the move (lol) The ‘wannabe’ He is either a wannabe rapper, actor or something. You’re still trying to figure him out The west African I want to talk about these ones, but I might be biased…. The expatriate He is French, German, American, West African, Dutch or something…

Her house is just a stopover to confirm she still has a place to land.I have nothing against the expats; am sometimes considered one myself.The ‘wannabe’ expat He is the one Kenyan guy that only has expat friends.NAIROBI, 1 December 2008 (Plus News) – The party at a popular restaurant in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, looks ordinary, but the people attending it – all of whom are HIV-positive – are enjoying a rare opportunity to socialise without feeling like an outsider.The young men and women spent the afternoon relaxing and getting to know each other; by the end of the evening new friends had been made, phone numbers exchanged and there were plans to meet again.

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