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Vintage Danish modern style coffee table and (two) side tables made of solid teak and glass.

All with open style teak frames allowing one to see through the form.

The price can vary from ,090 and ,500 based on the condition, age, materials and aesthetic value for a specific Marc D' Haenens Furniture.

Make your way up to the top floor for some authentic, strong coffee (no syrupy lattes here) and some quiet time to help you decide which of the ten books in your stack you can’t live without.

And if you go a little overboard anyway and don’t feel like lugging a library around, have your purchases delivered to your house via a trusted Mechlin eco courier.

Very dense branches, thick stem and an undulating surface, USA, 1973 Patinated bronze branches with buds welded to copper stem set on round base. Pottery sculpture of a child in red clay, hand-painted in black metallic glaze, which is the signature of the Belgian art pottery house Perignem Amphora.

The volume and stylistic approach today recalls Disney’s 3D cartoons characters, which are st...

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