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E status ignored does not require updating

(let's make sure we disambiguate If you have used chmod command already then check the difference of file, It shows previous file mode and current file mode such as: new mode : 755 old mode : 644 set old mode of all files using below command then git will ignore execute bit changes, no need to change local permissions.

Unless you've already added permission changes to the index, in which case you're missing the step where you would need to Thank you for your interest in this question.

Moreover, you would like unhandled exceptions to be available to both Rollbar instances with the ability to use the configuration options to filter out exceptions you might not be interested in.

The way that Rollbar typically operates is to load a shimmed version of the library via the snippet listed above in the head of your page.

All of the following methods are fully-asynchronous and safe to call anywhere in your code after the Sometimes you want to include Rollbar inside a component that is intended to be used on someone else's site.

To do this, you do not want to interfer with an existing Rollbar integration on the containing site.

Will have to change local config of each repo of the machine [email protected] B incorrect - the answered provided a workaround by putting the option directly in the project, making it project-specific.

Healthy Schools Act when it was passed unanimously by the D. Council in 2010 and signed into law by then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.

is not the best practice and should be used carefully.

This setting only covers the executable bit of mode and never the read/write bits.

But just six years later, the physical education mandates are being treated more like suggestions than requirements by administrators.

A Washington Post review of schools’ health profile forms reveal that few schools are in compliance. Most of the schools are not even close to it, resulting in students across the city receiving far less physical education than required by law.

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Just 10 of the District’s more than 200 public and public charter schools meet the physical education standard, according to the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), the body that oversees D. And at some schools, both public and charter, physical education classes are simply not available to all students who want to take them.