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Dating persona test deliberate

F] 'A chronicle of chess psychology.' O] 'World Chess Championships: a view from the inside.' A] 'Defense is an art.' S] 'R. Fischer - all his games analyzed.'4) How do you find your way to a chess tournament? Well, chess isn't exactly a game, it's always a battle, a war.

F] My opponent never listens to what I have to say.3) Which of these hypothetical chess books would you prize the most? Although they're not always the strongest players, more often than not they show an unexpected talent for what they do, perhaps making them the real heroes of chess. F - The fanatic These people thrive on a game of chess.

There's an uppercase letter before each answer, and the letter that you score the most corresponds to your type. 1) What's your favourite way of winning a chess game? T] I amuse myself with observing the odd behaviour of our opponents. P] I have trouble to keep my big mouth shut about the other games.6) What do you do when your opponent offers you a drink? Sometimes he'll even deliberately intimidate his opponent to increase his chances. On a good day he will crush grandmasters effortlessly, as if they were utter novices. All the same, chess would be really dull without those colourful patzers. A - The artist Here are the drawing kings of chess.

Great for: Working on recommendations engines or other projects that match individual tastes to products or services?Traitify has developed a variety of personality assessments to capture data relevant to your business.Every assessment is developed in-house by our psychology team and vetted for validity and accuracy. The scientist is the perfect partner for analyzing your games: he always knows more about your pet opening than you do, and he has a lot of tales to tell. Here are the six chess personality types: S - The scientist The scientist is that kind of chess player who above all considers the game to be fascinating and rich, where a vast amount of knowledge can be discovered. He's the one who's interested in studying openings, endgame problems and chess curiosities.

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