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Dating a med school student

When he wasn’t working, we both often bitterly joked that he was eating or sleeping.

If I accompanied him in these activities, we got to spend time together.

Even now, we still have date night – we just use Skype, synch up a tv show on hulu, and watch it together while eating a qiuck dinner. “There are a lot of hot people in my class”, same deal. There are things out there in the world, as crazy as it seems, that are more stressful and more important than what we go through, and sometimes the other person has to remind us of that.

But this is just what Boyfriend and I have figured out for ourselves.

If you think medical school is hard, try dating someone who's in it.

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So this article on how to date a med student showed up on my facebook feed today – and while it’s funny and true, it doesn’t really talk about how to deal with the central issue: you don’t have time for a “traditional” relationship.

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At times, because my schedule could not always accommodate his changing hours and sparse availability, I wouldn’t see him for a couple of weeks or more.

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