3dxchat account

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3dxchat account

Please bear in mind that I'm not an English native speaker so I'm sorry for any misspell.

First of all I'll start telling you my opinion about the game.

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Hi there, I'm here because I used this thread to help me decide if I should buy the game or not, I did and I don't regret it so I'm here to ''return the favor'' with my impresions and/or facts.

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That being said avatar customization is pretty poor to say the least, I could bore you saying the exact amount of clothes there are (and if you want just say it and I'll gladly do it) but lets just say you'll find a lot of ''kinda twins'' at least on faces,not that much on clothes,but dont expect too much on that either.

The room customization it's a bit better (and gets A LOT better with a custom dll file that adds a lot of things to the game, If its allowed here I can provide a link,so just ask for it).

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I don't think the game is worth 20 bucks a month BUT with the offer above you're paying 5.4 bucks a month and that's pretty pretty nice (I think the offer ends around 15 Jan) so in the end,if you ever need to buy a single month let it be the first and the only and just buy 6 month or 12.

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